10-11-2018 – Government of California Asks NRA to Join it in Fight Against Open Carry

9-11-2018 – Judge Kavanaugh says Concealed Carry Is Not A Right – NRA Lawyer Says He’s Wrong

9-3-2018 – Professors of Law Say 9th Circuit Open Carry Decision is Now The Law – Young v. Hawaii Lawyer Says It Isn’t

8-15-2018 – Why Are Gun-Rights Lawyers Hiding From 9th Circuit Open Carry Decision?

7-30-2018 – When Will We Be Able to Openly Carry a Firearm in the 9th Circuit?

6-20-2018 – The Second Amendment is in a Coma ten years after the Heller decision

5-13-2018 – NRA Loses Fake Open Carry Lawsuit, Files Three More Concealed Carry Lawsuits

3-4-2018 – Is There a Right to Keep and Bear Arms Outside of our Home?

1-13-2018 – The Guns of February, A Story of Two Three-Judge Panels

12-13-2017 – California Open Carry Lawsuit to be Heard by 9th Circuit on February 15, 2018

11-10-2017 – The End of California Concealed Carry

10-15-2017 – Governor Brown Signs Bill Allowing Guns Inside of Gun-Free School Zones

10-12-2017 – Is There a Right to Keep and Bear Arms? 9th Circuit to Decide in 2018

9-12-2017 – NRA Open Carry Lawsuit Opposes Open Carry

9-3-2017 – Supreme Court Long Conference on September 25, 2017

8-14-2017 – A Declaration That Open Carry Is the Right

7-28-2017 – Transcript Released in NRA’s Fake Open Carry Lawsuit

7-24-2017 – 50th Anniversary of California’s Loaded Open Carry Ban

7-12-2017 – Can we Save Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms?

6-27-2017 – Supreme Court Decides to Wait for Another Second Amendment Case

6/15/2017 – The Evil Practice of Carrying Weapons Secretly

6/6/2017 – NRA Lawyer says Odds are Supreme Court will NOT take Concealed Carry Case

6/2/2017 – The NRA Lost Another Second Amendment Appeal Today

5/29/2017 – Lead Plaintiff in Supreme Court Concealed Carry Appeal says Courts are Corrupt

5/23/2017 – Peruta Concealed Carry Lawsuit has Waited 2,768 Days – Supreme Court says Wait Longer

5/20/2017 – Second Amendment Case Peruta vs. California May Strike-Out at Supreme Court

5/03/2017 – Did the NRA Take a Dive in its Fake Open Carry Lawsuit?

5/01/2017 – Supreme Court Again Silent on Second Amendment

04/22/2017 – Supreme Court Math and Concealed Carry in Peruta v. California

04/14/2017 – Federal Judge Upholds Nonexistent Gun Ban

04/12/2017 – Concealed Carry, Incest, Gay Marriage and the Supreme Court

04/05/2017 – Justice Neil Gorsuch and the Second Amendment

3/29/2017 – The Next Second Amendment Handgun Carry Case to Go Down in Flames

3/28/2017 – Federal Judge Tells NRA to Put Up or Shut Up in Open Carry Lawsuit

3/22/2017 – Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Finally Recognizes the Second Amendment

3/13/2017 – Another Second Amendment Appeal Shot-Down by the 9th Circuit

3/10/2017 – US Supreme Court to Decide Concealed Carry Petition in Two Weeks

3/5/2017 – The Florida Supreme Court Just Handed The US Supreme Court a Second Amendment Case It Can’t Refuse

2/23/2017 – California Asks Supreme Court to Wait For Nichols v. Brown Open Carry Appeal

2/15/2017 – NRA Got Spanked for Valentine’s Day!

2/3/2017 – President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch

1/24/2017 -A Concealed Carry Case SCOTUS Can’t Refuse

1/23/2017 -President Trump’s Judicial Opportunity and Conundrum

1/13/2017 -NRA Tells Supreme Court Open Carry is Perverse

1/11/2017 – NRA Drops Supreme Court Concealed Carry Appeal

12/30/2016 – NRA Asks US Supreme Court To Hear Two Concealed Carry Lawsuits

12/10/2016 – National Concealed Carry Snake Oil Law Will Fail

11/29/2016 – What Lies Ahead for the Second Amendment?

11/10/2016 – The Second Amendment and President Trump

10/03/2016 – A Federal 9th Circuit Judge Finally Finds a Right to Bear Arms in Public

9/28/2016 – Are You Protected by the Fourth Amendment if You Carry a Firearm?

9/20/2016 – Two Concealed Carry Cases Fire Blanks in U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit

9/8/2016 – Another Second Amendment Appeal Crashing and Burning in 9th Circuit

8/24/2016 – Concealed Carry Snake Oil and Kool-Aid Peddlers Leave Town for DC

8/18/2016 – The NRA Files Legal Challenge To California Open Carry Bans – But Not Really

8/17/2016 – The Battle for the Second Amendment Moves to Hawaii

8/15/2016 – There is No Right to Concealed Carry – 9th Circuit Denies Full Court Petitions

8/5/2016 – Did California Lie to 11 Federal Judges in Second Amendment Lawsuits?

7/15/2016 – God Save The US From The Second Amendment Lawyers

7/8/2016 – NRA Segregation Now, Tomorrow, and Forever Position Must Fail

7/4/2016 – Try Recalling California’s Anti-Gun Politicians Before Starting Your Revolution

6/27/2016 – NRA Head Wayne LaPierre Really, Really Hates the Second Amendment

6/24/2016 – Judges Who Uphold Bans on Concealed Carry Are Not the Same as Judges Who Look the Other Way When Police Murder People in the Street

6/15/2016 – Where is the NRA’s California Open Carry Lawsuit?

6/13/2016 – What’s Next for the Right to Carry Firearms in Public?

6/8/2016 – Florida Supreme Court Justices Voice Contempt for the Second Amendment

6/5/2016 – Florida Supreme Court to Hear Second Amendment Carry Case with National Ramifications

5/17/2016 – The Second Amendment and the Concealed Carry Problem

5/11/2016 – Federal Court of Appeals Goes Berserk During Second Amendment Gun Case Hearing

5/10/2016 – California Supreme Court Shoots Itself In Foot Over Gun Case

4/25/2016 – Second Amendment Foundation Files Another Concealed Carry Lawsuit: May Backfire

4/13/2016 – Has the NRA Come to Bury the Second Amendment or to Defend It? –

4/6/2016 – Second Amendment Must Wait A Bit Longer In 9th Circuit

3/26/2016 – Concealed Carry of Concealable Firearm in a Vehicle Now a Crime of Moral Turpitude

3/21/2016 – Supreme Court decision wasn’t about stun guns – It was about the Second Amendment decision in District of Columbia v. Heller which is bad news for concealed carry

3/7/2016 – How to Stop Anti-Gun Bills in California from Becoming Law

3/3/2016 – The California Supreme Court Case Which Could Upend the Gun-Groups Concealed Carry Lawsuits

2/24/2016 – The Second Amendment – Checkmate in Four Moves?

2/10/2016 – Why California’s Waiting Period to Purchase a Firearm Will Be Upheld

2/3/2016 – Florida House of Representatives Passes Handgun Open Carry Bill

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12/11/2015 – Why Were the San Bernardino Shooting Victims Unarmed?

11/20/2015 – Attorney Alan Gura May Have Fumbled Another Second Amendment Case

11/20/2015 – HELP WANTED: Competent Second Amendment Lawyer – Inquire Within

11/9/2015 – The Supreme Court may have Finally Found its Next Second Amendment Case

9/2/2015 – Full Derp Battle over Concealed Carry in District of Columbia

9/1/2015 – National Rifle Association Drops Lawsuit against San Francisco

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8/14/2015 – Will this be the Supreme Court’s Next Second Amendment Case?

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4/22/2015 – Chief Judge of 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Grants Motion of Lone Voice Defending the Second Amendment Open Carry Right

4/11/2015 – An Open Letter to the Orange County Register’s Editorial on Concealed Carry

4/03/2015 – Another Shoe Drops on the California Concealed Carry Lawsuits

2/27/2015 – Federal Judge Says No Second Amendment Right To Own Firearms

12/6/2014 – The First Shoe Drops On California Concealed Carry Lawsuits

11/30/2014 – Open Carry Gunfight At The California Corral: Start Of Year Four

11/30/2014 – California Open Carry Gunfight Begins Its Fourth Year

11/12/2014 – California Concealed Carry Permits – The Fat Lady Still Hasn’t Sung in Peruta v. San Diego

10/17/2014 – It may be Legal to Carry a Handgun in the Nation’s Capitol by Christmas

10/3/2014 – Another California Concealed Carry Lawsuit Loses before a Federal Judge

8/18/2014 – District of Columbia asks Court for More Time to Enact New Handgun Carry Ban

8/13/2014 – California Concealed Carry Case Peruta v. San Diego – Poised to Move or Stuck in the Mud?

7/30/2014 – Federal Judge Reluctantly Stays his Ruling in DC Handgun Ban

7/28/2014 – The DC Handgun Carry Decision – Throwing Victory into the Jaws of Defeat

7/26/2014 – Ban on Carrying Firearms in Public is Unconstitutional says DC Judge

7/21/2014 – The non-repeal of D.C., Gun-Control

7/2/2014 – US Supreme Court Still Silent On Second Amendment

6/28/2014 – Federal Judge Says Minorities Barred From Bringing Civil Rights Lawsuits

6/7/2014 – The NRA Supports Open Carry Except When The NRA Opposes Open Carry

6/2/2014 – NRA Lawyer Says California Concealed Carry Decision Likely To Be Overturned

6/1/2014 – NRA leadership Comes Out Of The Closet In Its Opposition To Open Carry

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Ages of Active Federal Circuit Judges - 2016


Click Here for a List of Current Federal Judicial Vacancies

As of January 20, 2017, there were 114 Federal court vacancies including the Supreme Court and district courts.

An additional 14 judges have announced that they will either retire or assume senior status between January 31, 2017 and September 29, 2017.

As you can see, the Federal appellate judiciary has many active judges who are advanced in age.  The average age of the Federal appellate judiciary is even more advanced when one factors in those “senior status” judges.  Senior status judges cannot assign the writing of a majority opinion and they cannot sit on en banc panels but they can sit on three judge panels where most of the damage done by the Federal courts happens.

President Trump’s appointments to the Federal Courts have the potential to change the Federal judiciary for a generation.  If he chooses wisely.


# Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by AGE
Active Chief Senior
51 Circuit Judge Judith Ann Wilson Rogers Washington 1939 1994–present Clinton 77
52 Circuit Judge David S. Tatel Washington 1942 1994–present Clinton 74
49 Circuit Judge Karen L. Henderson Washington 1944 1990–present G.H.W. Bush 72
55 Circuit Judge Janice Rogers Brown Washington 1949 2005–present G.W. Bush 67
53 Chief Judge Merrick B. Garland Washington 1952 1997–present 2013–present Clinton 64
56 Circuit Judge Thomas B. Griffith Washington 1954 2005–present G.W. Bush 62
60 Circuit Judge Nina Pillard Washington 1961 2013–present Obama 55
59 Circuit Judge Patricia Ann Millett Washington 1963 2013–present Obama 53
61 Circuit Judge Robert L. Wilkins Washington 1963 2014–present Obama 53
57 Circuit Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh Washington 1965 2006–present G.W. Bush 51
58 Circuit Judge Sri Srinivasan Washington 1967 2013–present Obama 49
# Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by AGE
Active Chief Senior
21 Circuit Judge Juan R. Torruella San Juan, PR 1933 1984–present 1994–2001 Reagan 83
27 Circuit Judge Sandra Lynch Boston, MA 1946 1995–present 2008–2015 Clinton 70
30 Circuit Judge Ojetta Rogeriee Thompson Providence, RI 1951 2010–present Obama 65
31 Circuit Judge William J. Kayatta, Jr. Portland, ME 1953 2013–present Obama 63
29 Chief Judge Jeffrey R. Howard Concord, NH 1955 2002–present 2015–present G.W. Bush 61
32 Circuit Judge David Jeremiah Barron Boston, MA 1967 2014–present Obama 49
Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by AGE
Active Chief Senior
55 Circuit Judge Rosemary S. Pooler Syracuse, NY 1938 1998–present Clinton 78
53 Circuit Judge José A. Cabranes New Haven, CT 1940 1994–present Clinton 76
50 Circuit Judge Dennis G. Jacobs New York, NY 1944 1992–present 2006–2013 G.H.W. Bush 72
63 Circuit Judge Peter W. Hall Rutland, VT 1948 2004–present G.W. Bush 68
61 Circuit Judge Reena Raggi Brooklyn, NY 1951 2002–present G.W. Bush 65
68 Circuit Judge Susan L. Carney New Haven, CT 1951 2011–present Obama 65
59 Chief Judge Robert Katzmann New York, NY 1953 1999–present 2013–present Clinton 63
66 Circuit Judge Denny Chin New York, NY 1954 2010–present Obama 62
69 Circuit Judge Christopher F. Droney Hartford, CT 1954 2011–present Obama 62
64 Circuit Judge Debra Ann Livingston New York, NY 1959 2007–present G.W. Bush 57
67 Circuit Judge Raymond Lohier, Jr. New York, NY 1965 2010–present Obama 51
70 Circuit Judge vacant
71 Circuit Judge vacant
# Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by AGE
Active Chief Senior
58 Circuit Judge D. Michael Fisher Pittsburgh, PA 1944 2003–present G.W. Bush 72
50 Circuit Judge Theodore A. McKee Philadelphia, PA 1947 1994–present 2010–2016 Clinton 69
54 Circuit Judge Thomas L. Ambro Wilmington, DE 1949 2000–present Clinton 67
56 Chief Judge D. Brooks Smith Duncansville, PA 1951 2002–present 2016–present G.W. Bush 65
64 Circuit Judge Thomas I. Vanaskie Scranton, PA 1953 2010–present Obama 63
61 Circuit Judge Kent A. Jordan Wilmington, DE 1957 2006–present G.W. Bush 59
63 Circuit Judge Joseph A. Greenaway Newark, NJ 1957 2010–present Obama 59
67 Circuit Judge Luis Felipe Restrepo Philadelphia, PA 1959 2016–present Obama 57
65 Circuit Judge Patty Shwartz Newark, NJ 1961 2013–present Obama 55
60 Circuit Judge Michael Chagares Newark, NJ 1962 2006–present G.W. Bush 54
62 Circuit Judge Thomas M. Hardiman Pittsburgh, PA 1965 2007–present G.W. Bush 51
66 Circuit Judge Cheryl Ann Krause Philadelphia, PA 1968 2014–present Obama 48
68 Circuit Judge vacant
69 Circuit Judge vacant
39 Circuit Judge Robert Bruce King Charleston, WV 1940 1998–present Clinton 76
32 Circuit Judge Paul V. Niemeyer Baltimore, MD 1941 1990–present G.H.W. Bush 75
37 Circuit Judge Diana Gribbon Motz Baltimore, MD 1943 1994–present Clinton 73
29 Circuit Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III Charlottesville, VA 1944 1984–present 1996–2003 Reagan 72
48 Circuit Judge Henry Franklin Floyd Pickens, SC 1947 2011–present Obama 69
38 Circuit Judge William Byrd Traxler, Jr. Greenville, SC 1948 1998–present 2009–2016 Clinton 68
45 Circuit Judge Barbara Milano Keenan Alexandria, VA 1950 2010–present Obama 66
42 Circuit Judge Allyson Kay Duncan Raleigh, NC 1951 2003–present G.W. Bush 65
43 Circuit Judge G. Steven Agee Salem, VA 1952 2008–present G.W. Bush 64
40 Chief Judge Roger Gregory Richmond, VA 1953 2000–present 2016–present Clinton/G.W. Bush[Note 1] 63
41 Circuit Judge Dennis Shedd Columbia, SC 1953 2002–present G.W. Bush 63
46 Circuit Judge James A. Wynn, Jr. Raleigh, NC 1954 2010–present Obama 62
47 Circuit Judge Albert Diaz Charlotte, NC 1960 2010–present Obama 56
50 Circuit Judge Pamela Harris Greenbelt, MD 1962 2014–present Obama 54
49 Circuit Judge Stephanie Thacker Charleston, WV 1965 2012–present Obama 51
# Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by AGE
Active Chief Senior
73 Circuit Judge James L. Dennis New Orleans, LA 1936 1995–present Clinton 80
60 Circuit Judge E. Grady Jolly Jackson, MS 1937 1982–present Reagan 79
64 Circuit Judge Jerry Edwin Smith Houston, TX 1946 1987–present Reagan 70
75 Circuit Judge Edward C. Prado San Antonio, TX 1947 2003–present G.W. Bush 69
74 Circuit Judge Edith Brown Clement New Orleans, LA 1948 2001–present G.W. Bush 68
63 Circuit Judge Edith H. Jones Houston, TX 1949 1985–present 2006–2012 Reagan 67
71 Chief Judge Carl E. Stewart Shreveport, LA 1950 1994–present 2012–present Clinton 66
79 Circuit Judge Leslie H. Southwick Jackson, MS 1950 2007–present G.W. Bush 66
81 Circuit Judge James E. Graves, Jr. Jackson, MS 1953 2011–present Obama 63
77 Circuit Judge Priscilla Owen Austin, TX 1954 2005–present G.W. Bush 62
82 Circuit Judge Stephen A. Higginson New Orleans, LA 1961 2011–present Obama 55
80 Circuit Judge Catharina Haynes Dallas, TX 1963 2008–present G.W. Bush 53
78 Circuit Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod Houston, TX 1966 2007–present G.W. Bush 50
83 Circuit Judge Gregg Costa Houston, TX 1972 2014–present Obama 44
84 Circuit Judge vacant
85 Circuit Judge vacant
86 Circuit Judge vacant
# Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by AGE
Active Chief Senior
49 Circuit Judge Danny Julian Boggs Louisville, KY 1944 1986–present 2003–2009 Reagan 72
53 Circuit Judge Alice M. Batchelder Medina, OH 1944 1991–present 2009–2014 G.H.W. Bush 72
63 Circuit Judge David McKeague Lansing, MI 1946 2005–present G.W. Bush 70
55 Circuit Judge Karen Nelson Moore Cleveland, OH 1948 1995–present Clinton 68
57 Circuit Judge Eric L. Clay Detroit, MI 1948 1997–present Clinton 68
60 Circuit Judge John M. Rogers Lexington, KY 1948 2002–present G.W. Bush 68
59 Circuit Judge Julia Smith Gibbons Memphis, TN 1950 2002–present G.W. Bush 66
56 Chief Judge R. Guy Cole, Jr. Columbus, OH 1951 1995–present 2014–present Clinton 65
69 Circuit Judge Bernice B. Donald Memphis, TN 1951 2011–present Obama 65
62 Circuit Judge Deborah L. Cook Akron, OH 1952 2003–present G.W. Bush 64
64 Circuit Judge Richard Allen Griffin Traverse City, MI 1952 2005–present G.W. Bush 64
68 Circuit Judge Jane Branstetter Stranch Nashville, TN 1953 2010–present Obama 63
67 Circuit Judge Helene N. White Detroit, MI 1954 2008–present G.W. Bush 62
61 Circuit Judge Jeffrey Sutton Columbus, OH 1960 2003–present G.W. Bush 56
66 Circuit Judge Raymond M. Kethledge Ann Arbor, MI 1966 2008–present G.W. Bush 50
70 Circuit Judge vacant
Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by AGE
Active Chief Senior
43 Circuit Judge Joel Martin Flaum Chicago, IL 1936 1983–present 2000–2006 Reagan 80
47 Circuit Judge Michael Stephen Kanne Lafayette, IN 1938 1987–present Reagan 78
48 Circuit Judge Ilana Rovner Chicago, IL 1938 1992–present G.H.W. Bush 78
41 Circuit Judge Richard Posner Chicago, IL 1939 1981–present 1993–2000 Reagan 77
44 Circuit Judge Frank H. Easterbrook Chicago, IL 1948 1985–present 2006–2013 Reagan 68
51 Circuit Judge Ann Claire Williams Chicago, IL 1949 1999–present Clinton 67
49 Chief Judge Diane Pamela Wood Chicago, IL 1950 1995–present 2013–present Clinton 66
52 Circuit Judge Diane S. Sykes Milwaukee, WI 1957 2004–present G.W. Bush 59
54 Circuit Judge David F. Hamilton Bloomington, IN 1957 2009–present Obama 59
55 Circuit Judge vacant
56 Circuit Judge vacant
# Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by AGE
Active Chief Senior
42 Circuit Judge Roger Leland Wollman Sioux Falls, SD 1934 1985–present 1999–2002 Reagan 82
45 Circuit Judge James B. Loken Minneapolis, MN 1940 1990–present 2003–2010 G.H.W. Bush 76
51 Chief Judge William J. Riley Omaha, NE 1947 2001–present 2010–present G.W. Bush 69
56 Circuit Judge William Duane Benton Kansas City, MO 1950 2004–present G.W. Bush 66
57 Circuit Judge Bobby E. Shepherd El Dorado, AR 1951 2006–present G.W. Bush 65
53 Circuit Judge Lavenski R. Smith Little Rock, AR 1958 2002–present G.W. Bush 58
54 Circuit Judge Steven M. Colloton Des Moines, IA 1963 2003–present G.W. Bush 53
55 Circuit Judge Raymond W. Gruender Saint Louis, MO 1963 2004–present G.W. Bush 53
58 Circuit Judge Jane Louise Kelly Cedar Rapids, IA 1964 2013–present Obama 52
59 Circuit Judge vacant
60 Circuit Judge vacant
# Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by AGE
Active Chief Senior
57 Circuit Judge Stephen Reinhardt Los Angeles, CA 1931 1980–present Carter 85
89 Circuit Judge Carlos T. Bea San Francisco, CA 1934 2003–present G.W. Bush 82
90 Circuit Judge Milan D. Smith, Jr. El Segundo, CA 1942 2006–present G.W. Bush 74
79 Circuit Judge William A. Fletcher San Francisco, CA 1945 1998–present Clinton 71
83 Circuit Judge Marsha S. Berzon San Francisco, CA 1945 2000–present Clinton 71
81 Circuit Judge Ronald M. Gould Seattle, WA 1946 1999–present Clinton 70
82 Circuit Judge Richard A. Paez Pasadena, CA 1947 2000–present Clinton 69
97 Circuit Judge Andrew D. Hurwitz Phoenix, AZ 1947 2012–present Obama 69
76 Circuit Judge Susan P. Graber Portland, OR 1949 1998–present Clinton 67
92 Circuit Judge N. Randy Smith Pocatello, ID 1949 2007–present G.W. Bush 67
62 Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski Pasadena, CA 1950 1985–present 2007–2014 Reagan 66
88 Circuit Judge Consuelo Maria Callahan Sacramento, CA 1950 2003–present G.W. Bush 66
77 Circuit Judge M. Margaret McKeown San Diego, CA 1951 1998–present Clinton 65
85 Circuit Judge Johnnie B. Rawlinson Las Vegas, NV 1952 2000–present Clinton 64
74 Chief Judge Sidney Runyan Thomas Billings, MT 1953 1996–present 2014–present Clinton 63
84 Circuit Judge Richard C. Tallman Seattle, WA 1953 2000–present Clinton 63
87 Circuit Judge Jay Bybee Las Vegas, NV 1953 2003–present G.W. Bush 63
78 Circuit Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw Pasadena, CA 1954 1998–present Clinton 62
91 Circuit Judge Sandra Segal Ikuta Pasadena, CA 1954 2006–present G.W. Bush 62
93 Circuit Judge Mary H. Murguia Phoenix, AZ 1960 2011–present Obama 56
94 Circuit Judge Morgan Christen Anchorage, AK 1961 2012–present Obama 55
95 Circuit Judge Jacqueline Nguyen Pasadena, CA 1965 2012–present Obama 51
96 Circuit Judge Paul J. Watford Pasadena, CA 1967 2012–present Obama 49
98 Circuit Judge John B. Owens San Diego, CA 1971 2014–present Obama 45
99 Circuit Judge Michelle T. Friedland San Francisco, CA 1972 2014–present Obama 44
# Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by AGE
Active Chief Senior
28 Circuit Judge Paul Joseph Kelly, Jr. Santa Fe, NM 1940 1992–present G.H.W. Bush 76
31 Circuit Judge Carlos F. Lucero Denver, CO 1940 1995–present Clinton 76
30 Circuit Judge Mary Beck Briscoe Lawrence, KS 1947 1995–present 2010–2015 Clinton 69
33 Circuit Judge Harris L. Hartz Albuquerque, NM 1947 2001–present G.W. Bush 69
39 Circuit Judge Scott Matheson, Jr. Salt Lake City, UT 1953 2010–present Obama 63
36 Chief Judge Timothy M. Tymkovich Denver, CO 1956 2003–present 2015–present G.W. Bush 60
42 Circuit Judge Carolyn B. McHugh Salt Lake City, UT 1957 2014–present Obama 59
40 Circuit Judge Robert E. Bacharach Oklahoma City, OK 1959 2013–present Obama 57
41 Circuit Judge Gregory A. Phillips Cheyenne, WY 1960 2013–present Obama 56
43 Circuit Judge Nancy Moritz Lawrence, KS 1960 2014–present Obama 56
38 Circuit Judge Jerome A. Holmes Oklahoma City, OK 1961 2006–present G.W. Bush 55
37 Circuit Judge Neil M. Gorsuch Denver, CO 1967 2006–present G.W. Bush 49
# Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by AGE
Active Chief Senior
9 Circuit Judge Gerald Bard Tjoflat Jacksonville, FL 1929 1975–present 1989–1996 Ford[4] 87
27 Circuit Judge Stanley Marcus Miami, FL 1946 1997–present Clinton 70
26 Circuit Judge Frank M. Hull Atlanta, GA 1948 1997–present Clinton 68
24 Chief Judge Edward Earl Carnes Montgomery, AL 1950 1992–present 2013–present G.H.W. Bush 66
33 Circuit Judge Julie E. Carnes Atlanta, GA 1950 2014–present Obama 66
28 Circuit Judge Charles R. Wilson Tampa, FL 1954 1999–present Clinton 62
30 Circuit Judge Beverly B. Martin Atlanta, GA 1955 2010–present Obama 61
31 Circuit Judge Adalberto Jordan Miami, FL 1961 2012–present Obama 55
29 Circuit Judge William H. Pryor, Jr. Birmingham, AL 1962 2004–present[5] G.W. Bush 54
34 Circuit Judge Jill A. Pryor Atlanta, GA 1963 2014–present Obama 53
32 Circuit Judge Robin S. Rosenbaum Fort Lauderdale, FL 1966 2014–present Obama 50
35 Circuit Judge vacant
# Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by AGE
Active Chief Senior
16 Circuit Judge Pauline Newman Washington, DC 1927 1984–present Reagan 89
22 Circuit Judge Alan David Lourie Washington, DC 1935 1990–present G.H.W. Bush 81
29 Circuit Judge Timothy B. Dyk Washington, DC 1937 2000–present Clinton 79
34 Circuit Judge Evan Wallach Washington, DC 1949 2011–present Obama 67
30 Chief Judge Sharon Prost Washington, DC 1951 2001–present 2014–present G.W. Bush 65
33 Circuit Judge Jimmie V. Reyna Washington, DC 1952 2011–present Obama 64
32 Circuit Judge Kathleen M. O’Malley Washington, DC 1956 2010–present Obama 60
35 Circuit Judge Richard G. Taranto Washington, DC 1957 2013–present Obama 59
37 Circuit Judge Todd M. Hughes Washington, DC 1966 2013–present Obama 50
31 Circuit Judge Kimberly Ann Moore Washington, DC 1968 2006–present G.W. Bush 48
36 Circuit Judge Raymond T. Chen Washington, DC 1968 2013–present Obama 48
38 Circuit Judge Kara Farnandez Stoll Washington, DC 1968 2015–present Obama 48